The Ferrari 308 GT4 is the least expensive way to get into the Ferrari experience. This site is devoted to this "enty-level" car and those that own and drive them. Here you can read about the car, find out how I came to own it, discover what's involved in converting a GT4 to a race car, and take a look at other peoples GT4s. I hope this site will be informative, enjoyable, and help lead some prospective owners towards their goal. 


It's now 2009 and it's time to add in the rest of the story! Travels to Le Mans, F1 races, visiting the Ferrari Factory and other trips to Maranello, and the adventure of a lifetime; the move to Italy where the GT4 became the family car of choice in Cagliari. For some of the images check out this gallery

Read what Road & Track had to say in 1974 on the Books page. 

Read the account of the only factory-entered 308 GT4 Le Mans Car! Or read Sam Posey's account of what it's like to drive a Ferrari at  

Le Mans. 
If you are looking for a different perspective, try Tony Adamowicz rememberance of his Ferrari drive at the 1970 Le Mans

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